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Community Update and Call for Expressions of Interest

Dear Community Members

I am writing to you today to confirm that, consistent with the wishes of the Academy of Yoga Science Committee, the Board has now finalised the sale of all the land belonging to the organisation on 23 March 2020.

The retreat site was sold to the Olivet Assembly.  The two sites comprising the farm were sold to the adjacent Greek Orthodox Church.  The Rocklyn site was sold to the Rocklyn organisation, and the Manly site was sold to a developer.

We are now moving forward with the process to initiate a Foundation which will invest the funds that have been generated to fund yoga projects consistent with the desire of the Committee.  A significant donation has already been made to an organisation which provides remedial yoga to a number of community groups.

We would now like to call for Expressions of Interest with a view to increasing the number of people on the Committee, the body responsible for selecting the Board members. We need a set of skills which will be appropriate to running the foundation and we encourage you to carefully consider whether you have the skills and the time to contribute to this project.

For more information and application forms for the Expressions of Interest, please head to our new website at

Anthony Grieve

Committee President AYS Wellbeing Foundation

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