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We have adopted the following core values to sit at the heart of our organisation:

Safe Space

We are committed to creating a flexible, inclusive and organic organisational culture that responds with integrity, authenticity, generosity, kindness, compassion and transparency. We want our culture to be led by the genuine goodwill and wisdom of our members. 



Integrity is the quality of being honest and truthful and having strong moral and ethical principles. This means doing the right thing even when it’s not acknowledged by others, or convenient – it’s the opposite of self-interest.


Authenticity is one of the very first teaching of the Yoga Sutras, and yoga can help to return us to our authentic selves. It is about relating to the world around us from a place of pure consciousness, when we are able to respond to the environment with an awareness that is not tainted by past conditioning, old experiences and value judgements. 



Generosity is a core value and also a virtue. The ability to give and receive freely is essential for success in spiritual life. The Sanskrit word Asteya, the third Yama in the first of the eight limbs of yoga, is understood to be generosity. Being consciousness of Asteya brings contentment and gratitude, and inspires us to fulfil the genuine needs of others. 


Transparency and openness is one of the key aspects of creating a safe space. 

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